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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  July 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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day. 63 in winchester and manassas at 61. high-pressure will influence our weather. if you enjoyed yesterday, you will enjoy today. 83-87 degrees and winds will be out of the south at 4-8 miles per hour. we will have a warm-up into the end of the weekend and temperatures will go back into the 90's. we will talk about that in a moment but first let's talk about traffic. i decius 70 near the detrick or packs -- patrick --i-70 near patrick street exit looks good. 66 95 has growing volume but everyone is behaving in landmark. >> 6 o'clock is the time.
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as democrats and republicans tried to avoid a financial crisis, president obama is preparing to address the nation. >> he will provide an update on the deficit talks in a news conference. good morning these lawmakers have been going back and forth here on capitol hill and at the white house for several days. the president is holding his second news conference in one week to talk about the deficit with the american people. the president and lawmakers on capitol have met for five days in a row. they met yesterday for one hour and 20 minutes. the only thing that came out of that meeting was that they decided not to meet today. the treasury secretary tim geithner said he has an august 2 deadline for lawmakers to come up with a plan. he says he cannot give congress any more time for that plan. that is in three weeks they have to figure out what to do with
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this deficit or the country will default on its debt. that means they will have to go back to the table to discuss what kind of programs that will end up funding and what kind of programs they might end up not funding which may include social security veterans' benefits, and troop salaries. the country will bring in over $170 billion next month but that will have a debt of $300 billion. this need to get done and the president will have that news conference later this morning. it will be held at 11:00. >> the pressure is on. abc will be carrying the presidential news conference live. you can watch it right here on abc 7 starting at 11:00 a.m. in boston, investigators are searching for answers every runway collision at logan airport. officials said a delta airlines jet bound for amsterdam clip to
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the tale of a regional jet heading to north carolina. both planes were getting ready to take off. >> i saw a plane off to the side. i thought these planes were pretty close. it is like things you hear about. >> it could have been worse than it was. we were grateful no one was hurt. >> a passenger on a regional jet did not suffer any injuries. >> holy cross hospital is cleaning up after a fire overnight. the fire broke out in a first floor duct shafts at the silver spring hospital. the flames spread to the third or ventilation system sending smoke into the labor and delivery ward. several patients were move but nobody was hurt. the fire was quickly put out but no word on a cause. a maryland mother and her young son made an escape after
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being carjacked and taken on a wild ride. the incident began in a baltimore gas station and ended early yesterday morning on the capital beltway. surveillance video captured the start of the incident. minutes later, officers chased the 22-year-old after he sideswiped a police cruiser. the chase moved to the beltway and that is where the car was quickly surrounded by police. the mother and her baby jumped out of the moving car. she said she did not think twice. >> i was praying that he would be ok. i am not a hero. i am just the money that's all. >> the mother suffered minor injuries but the baby was not harmed. later today, metro begin another round of repair work on aging tracks and infrastructure. >> customers can expect significant delays. you'll also have to deal with another big change. brianne carter joins us live from arlington with details.
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>> metro riders are no strangers to metro track work on the weekends. rather than single tracking they will use a new approach. they will have shuttle buses are round the work that is being done. metro officials said this will help them complete the repair work faster. this weekend starting at 10:00 here at the east falls metro station, there will be free shuttle buses. that will happen from the station to the west falls the church station. this is the first of a series that will happen for the next 12 months on the weekend. the goal of the new track work is to get the work done faster. metro officials say this will allow the trains to operate more normally outside this war zone. the inconvenience of your customers. this will allow them to get those ntsb recommendations done 18 months sooner. this will last for the next year
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on the weekend. it starts tonight at 10:00. on the weekend of august 6 and 7, bus service will be between bethesda and rockville. there will be work on the blue and yellow line as well. metro officials say at 30 minutes to your travel time if you are traveling on a line that will have work done. that was this will start -- this will start tonight at 10:00. >> the time is 6:00 06 and 67 degrees. >> when we return, the investigation into the report murdoch news corp. spreads to the united states. did packers started victims of the 9/11 terror attacks? >> more outrage over changes coming to netflix and we will talk about the backlash from customers. >> lisa baden will have another check of your morning commute.
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>> good morning i am from maryland and on my sergeant of the ocean city beach patrol. come say hello to the life guards during you can find everything you need to know about safety and attractions in the russian city. good morning, washington. >> and good morning to you. it will be a great weekend to head out to the beach. let's check for traffic and weather every 10 minutes >> steve rudin they show me the
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waves and then here i am in a cold studio. >> you can head out this afternoon and get there in time to enjoy a wonderful weekend for the delmarva beaches. temperatures will be around 80 degrees and the water temperature will be 70. it is not that around here with low humidity and look at the temperatures. 66 degrees across the board in the district. wins for the most part are out of the west-southwest which are pretty light. our forecast for today calls for a good deal of sunshine on the way with high temperatures near 85 degrees. if you like heat and humidity, and changes on the way monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. daytime highs will be in the mid to upper 90's and a heat index will probably be above 100 but that is next week. we are in pretty good shape
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on the greenway, the toll road, route 72 tyson's and beautiful on the george washington parkway. sunshine is an issue. we'll show you the live picture of 95, virginia. headlights are northbound and we are good on 395. 95 in maryland just had a crash northbound on your way into columbia before you get there. they just have a wreck on northbound i-95. >> 6 o'clock 11 is the time and 67 degrees outside. >> when we continue, a judge orders the mental evaluation for the man accused of murdering a little boy in new york. here with the suspects' lawyers are saying. >> will get a live report from florida where casey anthony is preparing to return to life as a free woman. >> and time is running out for borders bookstore. we will tell you about that.
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>> checking our top stories -- president obama is holding and 11:00 news conference this morning to talk that efforts to reduce the nation's deficit. this comes after a meeting with congressional leaders that failed to produce a deal. standard and poor's has threatened to join moody's in downgrading america's credit rating. a d.c. police of a search has been indicted on charges he sexually assaulting three women. prosecutors say the 37-year-old was on duty and in full uniform when he allegedly attacked the women. he is the 18th d.c. police officer arrested this year. the man accused of murdering and 8-year-old brooklyn boy will undergo a mental evaluation. his attorneys say he hears voices and as hallucinations. police say he admitted killing
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the boy after a young boy asked for help when he got lost. the time is 6:13. less than two weeks after being acquitted of capital murder, casey anthony is scheduled to be released sunday but her legal troubles appear to be far from over. we go to orlando live with details. good morning it is a waiting game that they aren't county jail on exactly when casey anthony will be leaving. sunday is the release day but what time and where she will go when she leaves the present is still unknown. this was the scene that she encountered in august, 2008 when she was bailed out of jail. with her daughter still missing, a swarm of journalists were waiting to ask her some questions. when she is allowed to leave this jail sunday, she will likely face a different crowd.
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>> caylee " >> she was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges but the jury found her guilty on four counts of lying to investigators. taking into account * surf, release date was set for sunday, july 17. >> it is unknown where she will land after she leaves the orange county jail. we don't pick up any security responsibilities. >> where will she go? will she returned to her parents' home text during the trial, her attorneys accused her father george anthony of raping casey and helping cover up the daughter's death. will she rely on her defense team? >> ishee can you and said to want to come to your house would you allow her? >> yes, i would >> she will need to keep her lawyers) she is being sued for defamation and
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the texas firm that helped search for little caylee is looking to recoup expenses. there are the protesters who say casey anthony got away with murder. >> justice for caylee! >> her attorney came to the prison yesterday. she may be released this week and bought her legal troubles are not over. >> another question that is lingering is the casey anthony store worth $1 million? a free-lance tv reporter has set up a production company and offered her $1 million for her first television interview since she is released from jail. the offer is on the table to the legal team.
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jerry springer is not interest in this one. the problems for rupert murdoch's news corp. has spread to the united states for the fbi has opened an investigation into allegations that news corp. try to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims. this comes one week after news corp. shut down "the news of the world." it is claimed beat reporters hacked into folds of british prime -- british crime victims. >> we have details on america's credit rating. another warning about the u.s. credit rating -- because of the uncertainty over raising the debt limit, standard and poor's says there is a 50/but the chance they may downgrade the federal bond rating. minnesota's governor and lawmakers have recent agreement to reach a bob -- budget impasse.
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that means the government will reopen very soon but he did not say when. non-essential operations have been shut down since july 1. this could be the final weekend for the borders bookstore chain. a judge has approved a plan to auction off the company and so far the only bid is from a team of liquidators. the deadline is tuesday. the city that is making millionaires fastest is houston. >> apparently, we have a% more millionaires here. >> here is one of them [laughter] we have really nice weather on the way and lots of sunshine for the forecast for this afternoon. greta was screaming about going to ocean city. it is nice weather to do that. let's go to annapolis which is
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looking really nice with few clouds and no rain expected any time soon. it is of 69 degrees at reagan national airport we have 65 degrees in alexandria at this hour. waldorf is looking at 64 degrees, and the wind is not an issue. 63 in winchester and the same in culpeper and fredericksburg. the humidity is starting to build to the south and west. the dew point level is very comfortable and will remain comfortable as we go through the afternoon. high pressure over had will eventually move off the coast. southerly wind allows the humidity to increase and that will make it feel a bit more uncomfortable as we go through the upcoming weekend. the beach forecast looks good with the temperatures in the lower 80's. our forecast -- looking at 85 for daytime highs and a bit warmer to the south in
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fredericksburg. overnight temperatures, temperatures will be 50-60. tomorrow looks good again with a bit more humidity, mid to upper 80's. here is the extended outlook -- there is the heat and humidity along with a few thunderstorms for next week. we will be back into the night depository you can go to and track temperatures and check out the latest beach blog. the brunswick line train 890 on the mark rail is up to 25 minutes late. we're good -- we are in good shape in virginia but we have a crash on the dulles toll road. the inner loop near the toll road as a crash on the left side. there was a car wreck on the left side of 95 in maryland.
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>> thank you. 6:21 and 67 degrees. >> coming up, the nominations are in. who is up for what in this year's emmy awards. >> later today on oprah susie or man at 4:00. suze orman at 4:00.
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>> welcome back. 6:24 is your time and we are on your side -- many netflix customers are outraged by the recent price hikes. >> prices that -- of movies that come to your door are going up by 60% thousands of customers are posting comments on line and most of them are negative. >> we were talking last night about probably turning it off. it is is just not worth it. >> i am shocked but i use it a lot. i like it. >> you going to pay that? >> we will think about it. >> we will pay it. >> the prices are in effect for new customers and they will start september 1 for existing customers. nominations for the 63rd annual primetime emmy awards
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have been announced yesterday in los angeles. >> topping the list is the amc show "mad men"with 18 nominations. "modern family" quite well -- did quite well. the emmy ceremony will be september 18. for the complete listing of nominees go to our website >> good luck to all. . >> we still have another half an hour ahead. >> coming up, some closure for a woman and her daughter attacked with acid. new developments on this high- profile assault case. >> lawmakers on capitol hill are still trying to figure out how to raise the debt ceiling. president obama get ready to address the nation.
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>> plus, a new approach to repair the rails faster >> a beautiful friday morning under way, what can we expect for the upcoming weekend? my full
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead president obama prepares to address the nation as the deadline for a deficit solution draws closer. the president tells republicans that it is decision time. good morning to you washington at 6:30 on this friday, july 15. >> it is time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. a beautiful start to our weekend but the humidity will
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start to creep up on us as we move through sunday into monday and tuesday of next week along with higher temperatures. a great start to our friday morning, 69 degrees at reagan national airport and fredericksburg at 63. the satellite and radar shows a few clouds but it will not allow rain to develop for today. pure sunshine with temperatures approaching 85 degrees. coming up, i look at the forecast and much more to tell and the ever important beach forecast in a few moments. marc rail brunswick train 890 is running 25 and it's late. number 95 in maryland, the crash has gone near 216. we'll take you to 395 leaving the belt way, past duke st. and good at the pentagon and across the 14th street bridge. we will take you live to rosslyn
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traffic. >> thank you. the time is 6:30 and there is -- they are still at it. republicans and democrats are debating plans to avoid a financial crisis and president obama is preparing to address the nation. the president will hold a news conference on the stalled gatt talks and jummy olabanji joins us live with details. good morning. yesterday, the president and lawmakers on both sides met for a little less than one hour and a half. the only thing they decide was not to meet today. there will be a news conference by president obama which is his second one in one week. the clock is ticking down or elected leaders to raise the debt ceiling. if that does not happen, the federal government will default on its debt. in three weeks, the government will take a $172 billion in taxes but it will owe $307
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billion. after paying interest on its debt, leaders will have to start choosing which programs like medicare, social security, and unemployment they will fund and which ones they want them it will be a calamitous out, and will create a severe financial shock that would have an effect on the global economy and the u.s. economy. >> leaders of congress and the present have gathered and for five straight days they have talked in front of cameras but neither side can agree on anything. the group has decided to hold no meeting today. >> hopefully, we can come up with a robust deal. until we do that, we will have to look at other alternatives. >> everything is on the table except raising taxes on the american people. >> secretary of the treasury tim geithner has told lawmakers that they have a deadline of
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august 2. he has said that is all the time he can give congress. >> thank you. we will carry the presidential news conference live on abc 7 at 11:00 a.m. >> the time is 6:33. a. bristol va. mother is accused of leaving her son in a hot car. she faces neglect charges and her two-year old son died after being left in a minivan for seven hours on june 17. prosecutors say the woman also left the child in her vehicle for a short time back in january. investigators are searching for the vandals responsible for a hate crime at potomac school. late wednesday night or early thursday morning, someone spray- painted sexual images and hate language on the walls the
6:34 am
doors, and the windows and furniture at herbert hoover middle school in potomac. anyone with information is asked to contact police. a prince george's county woman is speaking out after a woman through asset at her and her young daughter. left burns on the woman and her daughter. they both recovered but the woman says the experience was devastating. >> i can only just cried because you don't want that to happen to your child. >> this week, the woman who committed the attack pleaded guilty. she said another woman put her up to it. later today, metro will go through another round of repair work them of the work is expected to cause significant delays to writers this weekend. brianne carter joins us live
6:35 am
from arlington with more. good morning to you. this latest round of repairs kicks off at 10:00 tonight here at the east falls metro station. rather than single trank a -- rather than single tracking, riders will be using a bus shuttle service to get around the work. starting at 10:00 tonight, there will be a bus service from the east falls metro station to the west falls metro station wall construction work is done to get this line ready to be connected to that line that will eventually go out to dulles. the goal of this is to get the work done faster. metro officials said this will allow trains to operate more normally outside the word is known and inconveniencing less passengers.
6:36 am
it will enable metro to complete the ntsb recommendations 18 months sooner. the new approach to rebuild metro will take time over the next 12 months on the weekends. this weekend from east falls metro to the west falls metro they have that bus service and the same thing is scheduled for next weekend and the weekend of august 6 and 7, bus service between bethesda and rockabilly. -- and rock avail. -- and rock temper and -- rockville. plan about 30 minutes extra for your travel time. for more information log onto our website >> thank you. the time is now 6:36 and 67 degrees. >> still ahead two commercial airliners clipped wings of a
6:37 am
busy airport. we will have the latest. plus -- >> harry potter mania -- fans stayed up late to be among the first to see the final installment of the popular series. >> we will have another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes, stay tuned.
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>> welcome back. is a beautiful star to our friday morning with low humidity and comfortable temperatures but a big warmup toward the end of the upcoming weekend. at this hour, we are holding in the 60's across the area. 66 in the district. here is a look at our beach forecast for today and tomorrow and sunday. temperatures will be in the lower 80's with lots of sunshine and we will look for the surface temperature around 8 -- 70 degrees. let's go over to lisa baden with a look at traffic. it is quiet to the bay bridge.
6:41 am
we love it when you are outside. we are good driving around town. 66 and 95 has a little bit of volume but no accidents to report on the greenway, the dulles toll road and the crash is gone into baltimore on northbound 95. 270 southbound is seeing more action. let's go back to the news. >> thank you. >> 6:41 and 67 degrees. >> coming up next -- we've got andy barr from a politico to talk about the debt situation [ man
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>> welcome back. investigators are looking for answers after a runway collision at logan airport. officials say a delta airlines jet bound for amsterdam clipped the tale of a regional jet heading to north carolina. both plans were getting ready to take off when the delta jet wing was the slightest. sliced. >> i thought these plans were pretty close. >> could have been worse that was. we were grateful no one was hurt. >> a passenger on the regional jet suffered a minor neck injury but no one else was hurt. the death debate rages on
6:45 am
as president obama says it is decision time. he scheduled a news conference for this morning. >> politico's andy barr joins us this morning. what can we expect? they don't have anything new right now. this is continuing to wage the public-relations battle to put pressure on republicans. it seems president obama has the upper hand but the republicans will not cooperate on this deal. the most likely thing that may happen is that mitch mcconnell suggested that they will vote against the debt ceiling. unless there is some sort of agreement or breaking of the ranks, that is what we will see happen. >> there is talk of a deal completed today? is that on likely? >> it is but the numbers are not there yet for the deal.
6:46 am
if they come up with something late last night but they are meeting today -- there have staff -- they are having staff meetings today. it is unclear how they would do that. >> who is looking like the bad guy? >> house republicans are looking bad. the president looks like someone who was not willing to give up but he did offer $4 trillion in cuts. the one guy who is coming out looking bad is mitch mcconnell. he says that we are the ones responsible, this will be bad for us. come election time. for now, he is in a bad place. >> we will be tune in to the president briefing room at 11:00 this morning. >> it is time for traffic and
6:47 am
weather every 10 minutes. here i am. we have a nice morning shaping up but it is a bit breezy out there. nothing we can handle for the middle of july. temperatures are in the 60's. in annapolis mainly clear skies and the sun will start to shine during the morning hours 69 degrees at reagan national airport with winds out of the west-southwest. in gainesville, they are at 63 degrees. it is cool in the mountains, 54 in wintergreen. upper northwest d.c. at 66 degrees and the dew point levels are in the 60-degree range. in the 60's across much of the area. there is warmer air to the south and west of us. there will be increased humidity levels but we will not feel it today but tomorrow it will start
6:48 am
to creep back in them by sunday monday, and tuesday, it will feel like a felled in the early part of this week with temperatures well into the 90's. high pressure over had has been giving as the beautiful weather for the last couple of days. once it moves off the coast the wind will change direction more out of the south and will allow our temperatures to warm-up. today will be a repeat performance of yesterday. it will be near 85 degrees for an afternoon high and tonight temperatures will be in the upper 50's to lower 60's and tomorrow it will be warmer. arch campbell will be next. we will tell you what we see and it is nothing magical. we have geico traffic center cameras to pull off. it is good on 270 at 118 and no problems to report on 270 all the way to the lane divided at the beltway.
6:49 am
good in and out of baltimore and virginia traffic looks like it is moving nicely around 395 at duke street which had a normal backup and good closer to the pentagon and across the 14th street bridge. harry potter is ne
6:50 am
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>> a good friday morning to all of you. coming up, another runway
6:52 am
collision -- a passenger jet clipped a commuter jet in boston. what went wrong? frightened passengers are speaking out this morning. they are the country's most controversial newlyweds -- he is 51-years old and she is 16. this morning, they are talking about a marriage that shocked even hollywood next right here on "good morning, america." >> 6:52 is your time this morning. the executive at the center of the tabloid hacking scandal in britain has resigned. rebecca brooks oversaw rupert murdoch's newspapers when "news of the world" into the cell phone of a murdered a teenager. >> president obama will be holding a press conference later this morning as standard and poor's has joined moody's investors service threatening to
6:53 am
downgrade america's triple a credit rating. >> investors want to -- investigators want to know why two planes collided at boston's logan airport. officials said the wing of a delta airlines jet clipped the tell of a smaller plane. one person suffered a minor neck injury but passengers continue their trip on another plane. lot of local harry potter fans are excited about watching the last film last night. >> the kingstown theater complex had a showing at 2:45 this morning because the midnight premier was sold out. some fans waited in line for hours. >> there are no words for how excited we are. we have been waiting so long for this. >> this generation did not grow up with "oliver twist" or great expectations they grew up with
6:54 am
harry potter. >> this could become the first harry potter from two top $1 billion at the box office. >> is the harry potter movie worth the wait? >> arch campbell tells us that the film will cast a spell over audiences. good morning, washington. >> the boy who lived comes to died. >> "harry potter and the deathly hallows part two is the last in the series. they have what it takes while allan richmond makes the memorable villain. >> anyone in here who has any knowledge of mr. potter's movements this evening?
6:55 am
i invite them to step forward. >> a grand finale to a grand series. here is the weekend movie guide -- four stars for harry potter. i hope you have a great weekend everybody. i am art campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> you have a great weekend too. >> i want to see that. >> these kids have been at hogwarts forever. >> there will be a big kiss and this apparently. >> coming of age. >> speaking of coming of age, we have to go to traffic. >> i don't like that toss.
6:56 am
i will focus on the beltway. the outer loop from 95 around 2 colesville road is starting to build in volume. in virginia, 66 and 95 and 395 is handling its own. take a look at what is going on at this hour. temperatures are in the 60's in afternoon highs will be in the 80's for today and tomorrow. monday tuesday, and wednesday will be hot and humid. temperatures will be back into the mid and upper 90's. is your online home for abc whether. >> not a lot of rain. >> only a 30% chance. >> that does it for us this morning. >> for continuing local news coverage, and into our
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